Swedish based indie label.

Kite Recordings is a Swedish based indie label est. 2002 by us, Carl Edlom & Tomas


With the thoughts about working very close with a quite of short number of artists that we really like rather than to be in a situation with too many acts where we wouldn’t have
time to prirotize everybody enough. After three vinyl singles released early 2003 we’ve released albums with indie/folk artist I’m Kingfisher (AKA Thomas Denver Jonsson) the folk/
rock duo Mandorla, the wonderful indie pop act KNTRL and pop-act The Mellowmen. We’re also currently recording with the brand new sooting folkpop act A Stoic Gone Berserk

During the years Kite Recordings has become a small but prosperous label that is looking for good music, primary in the genres rock, folk, indie and electronica. After previously having our distribution centered to Sweden and UK with some licensing overseas, we started in august 2010 a collaboration with the label Playground Music. The deal will involve both license releases and distribution of our catalog. We met at 2010’s MIDEM music fair in Cannes and are really looking forward to our work together.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of our family, please send us your promocd or a link to a myspacepage or such (do NOT send us Mp3-files with e-mail). Due to a lot of things happening both outside and inside the music business, we’re not able to follow up every submission personally. We do listen to everything we got eventually though and we’re contacting the ones we want. Please have understanding with this as we rather put our time on our actual releases rather than explaining to a band why we won’t release it. Please also bear in mind that we both neither have time or could afford to release everything we would like to do.