Following the reviews of Mandorla's 2004 album Nattfjärils Tal till solen one could notice
      that more than one reviewer described this as a mix between Brian Wilson and
      Swedish pop/rock artist Pugh Rogerfeldt. A striking reflection indeed since this duo
      Mandorla (Martin Bärjed and Andreas Nyberg) is a strange mix of american and british pop
      vibe blended with Swedish folk and jazz. Think if Trad, Gras och Stenar would adapt The
      Beatles' song structures and lenths. The song "Bomben" became a minor radio hit here in
      Sweden and the duo opened for The Soundtrack of Our Lives. The album is sung in Swedish
      and the duo is currently working on their second cd with English lyrics.


      KCD1070 - Mandorla - Nattfjärils Tal Till Solen

      KCD1090 - Tomorrow's Sound Today (2006)
      KCD1060 - Get out of shape with... EP (2004)
      Andras Nyberg is the singer of the other Kite-band Mellowmen